Yet Another Macedonian Invasion

The Name War continues between Greece and Macedonia. The Greek government still insists on calling Macedonia the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). The Name War is one reason Greece keeps Macedonia from joining NATO. Greece contends that the only real Macedonia is the Greek province of Macedonia (where Thessalonica is located). Greek politicians have used the dispute to rile up Greek nationalist sentiment. The dispute, however, never stopped Greek businesses from investing in Macedonia and Macedonia has welcomed it. The economic relationship has actually kept the political squabble from escalating. Now the miserable Greek economic situation has led a number of Greek businesses to do more than just invest. The uncertain Greek tax system is one reason; political instability is another; the Greeks invested euros in Macedonia, if Greece returns to the drachma and devalues those euro investments will remain. Macedonia reported that Greek businesses are seeking Macedonian partners with similar businesses in Macedonia in order to continue their own operations. A couple of Macedonian towns near the Greece-Macedonia border are making it easy for Greek businesses to re-locate. Money talks. Greeks have bigger things to worry about than The Name War.

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